Thermal Insulation Systems

Polystyrene sheet (EPS) - is a neutral material that does not emit any harmful to humans and the environment of substances. Economical material with low thermal conductivity and vapor permeability. Foam sheet TM "SІM'YA" - self-extinguishing with flame retardant properties - with the addition of flame retardant.

Plates tongue and groove TM "SІM'YA" is a universal building material for insulating floors, foundations and facades. With absolute geometrical dimensions and high density boards significantly lower cost than "sterodura." The advantage of our plates - are clear: high quality and reasonable price, on average 1.5-2 times lower than the cost of the same plates sterodura. ШПСБ plate insulated facades, used for thermal insulation of floors and foundations.
Plate has dimensions 1100h600 mm thick and is available 35, 50, 75 and 100 mm.

Slab for heating systems "Warm floor" TM "SІM'YA" is a constructure of complex shape, the top of which consists of a series of rows, that is overhanging the surface of swellings (bossy elements of erecting plate that are forming places for erecting tubes in a system of water insulation) to consolidate plastic tubes between them.
Made of high-density foam and has the best insulating properties

Blocks TM "SІM'YA" maximum size 4000x1250x1000mm, made for subsequent cutting of sheet foam standard size of 1000*500mm, with a minimum thickness of 20mm plate (thickness of sheet foam multiple of 10 mm). The maximum thickness of plates - 1000mm.
The feature of blocks TM "SІM'YA" consist in making high quality imported raw materials with the most heat-physical attributes of the material. Each block corresponds to a specific brand foam.

To optimize the process of warming, our company offers a wide range of all necessary related building materials. Reasonable price and high quality of products - will help to save time on the selection of materials. Our experts will help you to calculate the required amount of materials needed for insulation.