Adhesive mixture for heat insulation systems ПСТ-114

Universal adhesive mixture for bonding insulation plates with a high retaining power.
Glue "ПСТ - 114" - finished dry adhesive mixture for use in bonded heat insulation systems on the horizontal and vertical warp, resistant to deformation (concrete, cement, cement-lime, brick, etc.) to secure the panels polystyrene and mineral wool for facades buildings insulation; adhesive mixture can be used as a self-reliant mortar, and as an additive for mortar to improve its performance.
Dry adhesive mixture " Полипласт ПСТ – 014" to mix with pure cool water, according to the proportions specified in the technical data until receiving smooth with no lumps. Mixing can be carried out manually or with a low speed drill with a paddle or stirrer. Prevent foaming while stirring. Cure the solution stand for 5 minutes, determine the movement and bring it to the Technical Data with the addition of the dry mixture and mixing the mortar mixture, as described above. Stir again the mortar mixture before using. Mortar mixture used for 90 minutes. Use clean containers and tools for preparing the mixture.
Storage life: 12 months from date of manufacture in original packaging at a relative humidity of 60% and a temperature of +1 ° C to +30 ° C
Specifications are showed for standard tests on the temperature +20 +2° C and relative humidity 65 +5%.

ТУ У В.2.7-26.6-30466728-001-2001. Finally sanatorium-epidemic. examination № 5.10 / 5090 of 12.02.2002
Manufacturer: LLC "Polyplast"

- Water-resistant, cold-resistant, vapor permeable
- Good adhesion and fixing ability on bonding
- Flexible, easy to work
- Organic, safe, non-flammable
- Economical
The main binder - cement
Mineral fillers, special modifiers

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