Corner with the mesh plastic perforated

Corner, lenght 3,0m, plastic perforated, with the reinforcing mesh 5х5. 
Scope: strengthening corners, reinforcing adjacent surfaces, recommended for the corners  90°, exterior vertical and horizontal angles of buildings and houses.
Application: Put the putty to the corner of the construction, to set the cornet in the way of grinding it into the putty so, that the mortar could come out through the aperture of the “shelf”. Imbed the mesh into the putty on the whole length with palette knife. Adjust the angulations with waterpas. Then justify the mortar on the surface with palette knife to one level with the wall and let it dry. Derived surface is ready for decorative works.

Material: ПВХ/glass fiber
Тhickness: 0,6mm
Length: 3,0m
Mesh density: 160 г/м2
Package: 50pc
Price: 9,20uah/pc

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