Dowel rod (plastic)

Dowel polypropylene (no secondary raw materials admixture), rof lenght 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 200 mm.
Scope: Dowel rod with a plastic spacer for fixing insulation systems
The minimum depth of the holes in the bearing wall structures shall be not less than:
• The walls of concrete and solid brick - 50 mm;
• The walls of aerated concrete and hollow blocks - 110-90 mm, respectively.
Application: Bore the hole before the plug installation, with the diameter of screw drill, and drill depth of 2 cm more than the required depth immersion dowels. Make holes with an electric drill or a perforator. For concrete and masonry structures used shock - rotating, for structures of hollow bricks - way rotary drilling. 
After drilling the holes they need to be cleaned from dust by pulling the drill several times in the course of drilling, perforator or screw it all the way. Meanwhile, plug shall not project above the surface of a plate of 1 mm. 
Manufacturer: Ukraine, ТУ У В.2.6-25.2-22803372-001:2007

Number of dowels for fixing 6-8 items/m2.
Dowel Ø 10 mm, rod lenght 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 200 mm
Packing: 100 pc 

Dowel 10x80: price 35,63 uah/pc.
Dowel 10x100: price 40,87 uah/pc.
Dowel 10x120: price 46,20 uah/pc.
Dowel 10x140: price 52,50 uah/pc.
Packing: 50 pc 
Dowel 10x160: price 28,76 uah/pc.
Dowel 10x200: price 36,15 uah/pc.


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