Grounding paint ПГС-116

Grounding paint enhances the surface increases the adhesion. Vapor-permeable and waterproof.
Scope: Grounding paint ПГС-116 designed for pre-treatment as a restorative, adhesion primer before applying the next texture, decorative coatings.
Used in the external insulation system before decorative plastering, plaster facades suspension on the winter period. Can be used as a self-reliant decorative layer. Used on concrete basis, cement and sand, cement-lime plaster, brick, drywall, etc. inside and outside of buildings. Primed basis has a white rugged look surface.
Base preparation: Preparation of the base is affected according to СНиП 3.04.01-87 и ДБН В.2.6-22-2001. The substrate must be durable, dry, reducing adhesion to the substrate, free from dust, dirt, oil, residues of previous paint coatings and other layers. Loose, weak, porous surface areas are removed mechanically, strong uneven surfaces aligned with mortars.
WARNING! Protect from freezing product.
Store paint primer ПГС -116 d at a temperature of +5 C and above +30 ° C in sealed original packaging 8 months from date of manufacturing.
ТУ У В.2.7-26.6-30466728-001-2001. Finally sanatorium-epidemic. examination № 5.10 / 5090 of 12.02.2002
Manufacturer: LLC "Polyplast”


- Gives a white surface
- Strengthens the weak surfaces
- Increases the adhesion to different bases
- Simplifies the process of applying decorative plasters
- High integumentary capacity
- Vapour
- Waterproof
- Environmentally friendly
Ingredients: a mixture of pigments and fillers in aqueous polymer dispersions
Color: white
Substrate temperature during application: +5 to +30 ° C
Drying time: 3 to 6 hours.
Flow rate: 0.2 to 0.5 kg / m ²
Density: ok.1, 58 kg / l.
Packaging: bucket of 15 kg.
Price: 150 uah


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