ICF block ТБ-50 the main block

ICF block – non-removable formwork for ferroconcrete wall which is not subsequently withdrawn, and is already prepared to insulation.
The length 1.25 m: to accelerate the construction process, as a block is 250 mm longer and 50 mm bigger than the other blocks
The height 0.3 m: to form windows and doors without block cutting (formed "convenient" height  to the window opening of 0.9 m, ceiling height 2.7-3.0 m)
Clear linear block dimensions: allows to build straight walls, which will accelerate the process of building a house without leveling the walls.
The ribbed surface of the inner part of the block, allows to achieve maximum grip with the concrete block for "pouring" with concrete, and later to avoid the formation of cracks (voids) between the unit and the monolith in the construction of buildings and the "shrinkage" of the building.
Notches on the outside of the unit. Promotes better adhesion to reinforcing layer.
Reinforcement fixing. The special seating (vertical and horizontal) are providing by the block construction which will make the sweaty reinforcement fixing. This advantage makes sure in process while working with concrete reinforcement will not shift.
The building – by the technology “Passive house” regulated ДНБ  В.2.6-6-95 

Block size: 1250x300x250 mm
Inner and outer wall thickness: 50 mm
Inner thickness: 150 mm
Block area: 0.375 m2
Material: injective polystyrene
Mark name: ПСБ-С-35 ДСТУ Б В.2.7-8-94
Hygienic conclusion: №05.0302-04/18039 от 23.03.2010 
ТУ В.2.7-25-2-00294349-098-2003
Price: 39 uah/pc
Price: 104 uah/wall 1 m2

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