Impregnating primer ПГС-122

Impregnating primer for internal and external works penetrates and fixes the surfaces, reduces the water absorption 
Scope: Impregnating primer ПГС -122 - a ready-to-use liquid that is applied to the surface fixing  and water-absorption reduction of hygroscopic basis which are firm to deformation (sand-cement and cement-lime plaster, brick, concrete, gypsum and other lists) before the completion of facing works on it (ceramic tile, and other), trimming (plastering, puttying, wallpapering, painting, etc.), providing leveling and self-leveling flooring compounds, etc. For internal and external works.

Mix the primer to homogeneity in the container manufacturer before using. Do not use tools with signs of corrosion.
Storage life: 10 months from date of manufacture in the original unopened packaging manufacturer with relative humidity greater than 60% and a temperature of +5 º C to +30 º C in a place protected from direct sunlight and other factors that adversely affects the dispersion and polymers. Protect from freezing.
Shown specifications were presented for standard tests at (+20 +2) º C and relative humidity (65 +5)%.
ТУ У В.2.7-26.6-30466728-001-2001. Finally sanatorium-epidemic. examination № 5.10 / 5090 of 12.02.2002
Manufacturer: LLC "Polyplast"

- Penetrates and fixes the surfaces of the base
- Reduces the water absorption of the base
- Has antibacterial components
- Cold-resistant, water-resistant after drying
- Tolerance to cement, gypsum, lime
- Ready to use, contains no organic solvents
Composition: basic bonding agent - acrylic copolymer.
Dispersed phase - water. Special modifiers. 
Package: jerrican 10л
Consumption: 50 m2
Price: 60 uah

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