Reinforcing mesh

Fiberglass reinforcing mesh 160g/m2, alkali-resistant, reinforcing,  tessera 5х5. 
Scope: to strengthen the plaster layer in the systems of external insulation of facades, and also:

to strengthen the plaster and protective/ decorative coating interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and facilities;
to strengthen the screed;
to strengthen the joints between the door and window boxes;
repair cracked plaster;
to reduce the stress caused by temperature changes.

Storage: mesh is available in rolls of 1,0 x 50 m packed in boxes of 30 pieces. Store in original package in a vertical position only in one level. The area must be sufficiently ventilated. Permissible ambient temperature 15-35 ° C, humidity - 35-65%.

Manufacturer: Slovakia


  • High tensile strength
  • Provides convenience and speed of installation
  • Alkali-resistant, resistant to decay
  • Environmentally safe

Density: 160 g/m2
Tessera size: 5x5 mm
Roll size: 1,0 x 50 m (50m2)
Packing, pcs: 1 roll
Packaging box: 30 rolls

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