Slab floor heating system for water heating without lamination

Slab for heating systems "Warm floor" TM "SІM'YA" is a constructure of complex shape, the top of which consists of a series of rows, that is overhanging the surface of swellings (bossy elements of erecting plate that are forming places for erecting tubes in a system of water insulation) to consolidate plastic tubes between them.
Scope: industrial and residential areas.

• made of high density polystyrene ПСБ-С-35 ТУ (20 kg / m ³);
• have the best thermal insulation properties, no more than 0.037 W / mK;
• provide additional noise insulation;
• allows to fix the tube with 18mm and 20mm diameter without the use of fasteners, accurate and fast
• using plates allows to save on concrete;
• the plate equipped with a locking system "groove-ridge," which provides an accurate docking;
• on the lower plate is a liner and marking applied to the underside of the line and mark with 50mm step, provides the exact slab cutting for laying;
Plate size: 140 x 90 x 50 mm
Plate square: 1.26 m
Packing: 1 pc
Price: 87.17 USD / pc
Price sq.m: 69.18 USD.

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